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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle

Winter wheels

From rain and snowfall, the UK winters are quite unpredictable. Hence, to ensure optimal driving performance on icy and snow-covered surfaces, car owners should equip their vehicles with the right set of winter wheels.

Another reason for fitting winter wheels is, to protect your more expensive wheels from road salt, dirt etc. and keep them nice and clean for the summer season.

Whether you would like to buy a set of steel wheels or alloy winter wheels Shaftesbury completely depends on your preference. However, if you are confused about the advantages or disadvantages of these types of winter wheels, let the professionals of DCM Tyre & Autocentres help you to make the best purchase.

We stock an enviable collection of winter wheels across various sizes, brands and prices. Therefore, car owners can easily get wheel rims as per their requirements.

Steel or alloy wheel rims for winters

Both alloy and steel winter wheels Shaftesbury have distinctive features and benefits as well as some limitations. Take a look.

Steel wheels

Steel wheels are sturdy, which make them an ideal choice for winter use and for more powerful and heavier vehicles. The advantages of buying winter steel wheels are manifold, such as:

Steel winter rims Shaftesbury are extremely durable and robust. Cracking steel wheels is nearly impossible, and to bend these variants, one needs to put tremendous force.

These variants can absorb shocks well.

Steel wheels do not rust easily (maintaining the painting on wheels saves them from corrosion).

These wheels can be repaired easily.

The heavy weight of steel wheels allows them to remain stable on ice-covered roads.These wheels are extremely cost-effective.

However, these winter wheels have certain disadvantages too.

Steel wheels come in limited rim sizes (mostly 16’’). Hence, car owners looking for bigger steel rims cannot always find the right ones.

The heavier weight of steel wheels adds to the vehicle’s ‘unsprung weight’, which can lower the vehicle’s agility and affect acceleration. Further, it can put more strain on the suspension and other car components. The fuel consumption will also increase slightly.

Alloy wheels

If you are willing to buy winter wheels that provide both performance and style, alloy wheels Shaftesbury are the best choice.

These units are lighter than steel wheels and allow improved handling performance on snow and ice-covered roads.

The lightweight frame of these wheels lowers the ‘unsprung weight’, which in turn improves fuel economy.

Again, the lighter construction puts less strain on suspension, which allows for faster acceleration on icy roads

Contrary to steel wheels, aluminium wheels Shaftesbury have a variety of customisation options and look more appealing.

Though alloy wheels come with a host of advantages, the disadvantages of these units cannot be ignored.

These are less durable than steel wheels and can bend or crack easily on impacts.Alloy wheels are more expensive.

Need help to make the right choice?

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