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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Once temperatures fall below 7-degrees Celsius, winter tyres Shaftesbury offer superior grip, braking efficiency and handling.

For winter tyres near me with us at DCM Tyre & Autocentres.

We house an extensive collection of winter tyres Shaftesbury. At DCM Tyre and Autocentres we offer premium, budget-friendly and mid-range tyres, so no matter your budget, we can accommodate you.

Top winter tyre brands at our garage

  • Bridgestone 
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Dunlop, etc.

Purchase tyres online: You can buy winter car tyres Shaftesbury from us online by entering your car’s registration number or tyre size details into our online tyre finding tool. From there you can choose from our selection of winter tyres at great prices.

When purchasing car tyres Shaftesbury, you can choose whether to book an appointment at our garage or at a location of your choice, using our mobile tyre fitting service.

Why are winter car tyres Shaftesbury necessary?

Winter tyres come with a higher natural rubber content and softer rubber compounds that help the tyres remain supple during the colder months.

Listed below are some of the key features of winter tyres.

Deeper tread design

Winter tyres are manufactured with a deep tread design that enhances traction and ensures water evacuation, thereby reducing aquaplaning risks. The specialised grooves and tread bars also improve traction and cornering precision on snow, slush, and sleet.

Dense siping

A large number of sipes on winter tyres Shaftesbury optimises grip on snow and ice-covered roads. Its broader tread blocks ensure larger footprints, thereby offering optimum handling efficiency and grip.

Top winter tyres Shaftesbury in our collection

  • Bridgestone BLIZZAK WS80
  • Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3
  • Michelin X-Ice Xi3
  • Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRP
  • Firestone Winterforce 2, etc.

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