Wheel and Car Alignment

Wheel and car alignment or tracking is important to the health of your tyres. Checking if your car has any wheel alignment symptoms can save you expensive maintenance costs in the long run. Hitting anything in the road such as a pothole or a kerb might knock the alignment out. Misaligned wheels will cause additional friction and wear on your tyres, reducing their lifetime effectiveness.

What is the process of wheel alignment?

During the process of 4 wheel alignment we will ensure your wheels and tyres are set correctly to the car manufacturers specifications. It’s a vital part of car maintenance to ensure safety and can also save you money by reducing the vehicles fuel consumption.  
At DCM Tyres, we use Hunter technology, the world leader in car wheel alignment service equipment. The Hunter HawkEye equipment is renowned for its superior accuracy. The laser wheel alignment system checks the entire geometry to highlight any misalignment. We provide Hunter wheel alignment services at our Shaftesbury and Sturminster Newton Service Centres.

Did you know?

90% of cars suffer from some form of wheel misalignment symptoms
85% suffer from front toe or steering wheel misalignment
58% suffer some rear toe or thrust line error
Checking your cars wheel alignment could increase the life of your tyres to up to 12,000 miles. 
71% of the rear wheel alignment angles can be adjusted in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.
Correcting misaligned wheels will improve the cars handling and on road safety

Why do I need Wheel alignment?

Reduce tyre wear
Reduce fuel consumption
Improve vehicle handling
Ensure safer driving
Save money and the environment

Top Tip:

Try to avoid bumping curbs when parking or driving over speed bumps too fast as this can cause wheel misalignment. Repeated driving so can accelerate the aging of tyres and reduce performance, so we recommend having a regular wheel alignment check.


Get a FREE wheel alignment check today

It' so easily done, to hit a pot hole or accidentally bump the curb. We've all done it. But did you know that each time you do it can potentially knock your tracking out of alignment?

For a FREE wheel alignment check, please pop into either our Shaftesbury or Sturminster Newton branches and receive a free wheel alignment check with complementary printed report today. Alternatively, Contact Us at one of our branches for your next servicing or MOT.  

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