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    If you want to enjoy excellent driving comfort at great prices, Yokohama is the brand for you. Yokohama is a Japan-based brand famous all over the UK for its quality tyres that offer excellent handling and grip.

    If you are considering buying Yokohama tyres Shaftesbury, you can purchase them from DCM Tyre & Autocentres.

    Buy Yokohama tyres online from our website!

    Enter your vehicle’s registration number in the banner and select Yokohama as the brand, and you will have several tyres to choose from. With your order you can also select your fitting requirements.

    These tyres come with EU labels as a symbol of quality and safety.

    You can also buy tyres directly from our garage at Unit 4, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8PL. Our experts are available to help you in picking out the right tyre based on your driving needs.

    Our inventory boasts Yokohama tyres Shaftesbury in multiple variants:

    Summer tyres

    • Shallower tread depth offers a better road-to-tyre contact
    • A more complex rubber compound provides durability
    • Aquaplaning resistant
    • Excellent braking efficiency

    Winter tyres

    • These Yokohama tyres Shaftesbury come with a softer tread compound ideal for low temperatures
    • Lower braking distance due to denser sipes
    • Deeper tread depth to pack in snow providing ice-on-ice traction

    All-season tyres

    • These car tyres Shaftesbury offer a fusion of features in summer and winter variants
    • These can be used all year long
    • Lower rolling resistance increases the fuel economy too

    4x4 tyres

    • High sidewall
    • Durable tread compound
    • Excellent for off-roading
    • Larger shoulder blocks for dry, wet, snowy and muddy surfaces
    • Ideal for SUVs and CUVs

    We also stock other variants of Yokohama tyres Shaftesbury, like high-performance and run-flat.

    Take a look at a few of the best-selling Yokohama tyres at DCM Tyre & Autocentres;

    • Advan Apex
    • Geolander CV G058
    • Parada Spec-X
    • IceGuard IG51V

    So, stop searching for tyres near me and get in touch with us.

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Yokohama A008
Price from £70.50
Yokohama A008P
Price from £174.36
Yokohama A052
Price from £210.30
Yokohama A10A
Price from £125.34
Yokohama A34
Price from £63.06
Yokohama A348
Price from £100.74
Yokohama A349
Price from £51.30
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