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    Pirelli is an Italy-based brand that is immensely popular in the UK. The brand’s heavy investment in research and development is pretty evident in each of its tyres. No matter what your tyre requirements, Pirelli will have a fit for you.

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    If you want to buy Pirelli tyres Shaftesbury, at DCM Tyre and Autocentres we have a huge stock of Pirelli tyres to meet your tyres near me searches. You can also buy easily online and schedule a workshop- or mobile tyre-fitting session to make the whole process hassle-free.

    Let us look at some of the popular Pirelli car tyres Shaftesbury available in our collection:

    Summer tyres

    The top-selling Pirelli tyres in this category are:

    • Pirelli P ZERO™

    These summer tyres from Pirelli boast a better road-to-tyre contact because of their shallower tread depth. The tread pattern is also designed to evacuate water effectively from the surface, making them aquaplaning resistant. It also helps the tyre deliver optimum grip in wet and dry road conditions. The wider outer edges featured in these tyres offer better cornering control.

    Winter tyres

    Here are some popular Pirelli car tyres Shaftesbury for winters –


    For extra safety and grip on icy and snow-covered roads, these winter tyres are the optimum. These tyres come with deeper grooves that pack in snow for improved traction. The tread compound is also uniquely designed to stay flexible in temperatures below 7?C.


    The best-selling car tyres Shaftesbury in the all-season range are –

    • Cinturato All Season Plus
    • Cinturato All Season SF2
    • Cinturato All Season

    These tyres combine the technologies and features incorporated in winter and summer variants to offer optimal performance all year round. These are developed using eco-friendly materials. Plus, the new-generation 3PMSF product is designed to deliver superior performance, mileage, and safety in various weather conditions.

    We also have other variants available in our garage from this brand and others –

    • 4x4 tyres
    • Run-flats tyres

    And, of course, High performance/Ultra-High-Performance tyres!

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