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Choosing the correct tyre size for your vehicle is vital, not only for safety reasons, but it also enables you enjoy an optimal car handling experience and improved fuel economy.

Reading the tyre size code may be difficult to understand at times. Therefore, we have created the following guide to aid you. If you are in any doubt, for expert assistance regarding the tyre size meaning contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

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Decoding tyre sizes

Let us an example tyre size: 225/70 R16 101H

225- This number reflects the section width of a tyre model and is measured in millimetres.

70- 70 refers to the aspect ratio of this tyre. It is also known as the profile height with respect to the tyre sidewall and is measured in percentage.

R- Letter R reflects that this tyre has a radial construction. The other types are diagonal cross-ply (D) and bias belt (B).

16- Number 16 reflects the rim diameter and is measured in inches.

101- Number 101 indicates the load index of the tyre. In broader terms, it determines the maximum load this tyre can sustain when fully inflated.

H- Letter H determines the maximum speed limit that the tyre can sustain when optimally inflated.

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