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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Your car tyres lose up to 2-3 psi of pressure per month, therefore, we recommend a routine tyre pressure check to ensure your driving safety.

At DCM Tyre and Autocentres, we offer a free tyre pressure check Shaftesbury. We only use advanced tyre pressure gauges, which offer the most accurate readings of the air pressure inside your vehicle's tyre. Our experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your car's tyre to ensure there are no unidentified leakages that can impact its tyre pressure level.

You do not need any prior appointment for this check. Just drive in during our business hours.

What are the dangers of driving on incorrectly inflated tyres?

Both over and under-inflated tyres can severely impact your vehicles handling and jeopardise your safety. Listed below are some of the major risks associated with driving on incorrectly inflated tyres:

  • Reduces the tyre-road contact area, and therefore, affects the road holding capacity and traction.
  • Under-inflated tyres severely increase the rolling resistance, and therefore, lead to increased fuel consumption and suspension damage.
  • Both over and under-inflated tyres offer extremely poor wet grip performance, lower aquaplaning resistance and inefficient braking performance.

To avoid the above-mentioned issues, visit us for a free tyre pressure check Shaftesbury and ensure your tyre pressures are correct.

Why us?

We understand the importance of adhering to the manufacturer-recommended tyre pressure levels for all different vehicles. We understand the exact tyre pressure that your car's manufacturer has recommended for your vehicle model, and we accordingly inflate or deflate the tyres using advanced equipment to ensure the best results.

Stop looking for a free tyre pressure check near me and visit us without any delay.

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