Top Tips for Looking After Your Car’s Air Conditioning

One of the most used functions throughout the warmer months is car air conditioning. However, when it comes to maintaining their vehicle, people often forget about it. With most modern cars having air con, it is important to keep it to a high standard so you can keep your car cool in the summer. Read some of our simple top tips for looking after your car air con to get the most out of your conditioning system.

Run your car aircon weekly

You should switch your air con on and let it run for around 10 minutes, at least once a week. This  will help to maintain the gas pressure and reduce the risk of an issue arising that would go unnoticed if not checked weekly. Make sure you turn the car air conditioning to the highest fan setting and the coolest temperature to help keep the compressor in the best condition. Even in winter when you use your car air con less frequently, you can use the cool setting to remove humidity and clear the fog from your windshield to improve visibility during these weekly checks.

Keep your windows shut

If you have switched on your car air conditioning while driving, be sure to shut the windows! You will save coolant by keeping the windows shut so your air con is only circulating cool air around the car rather than pumping it outside as you travel. Although it may be tempting on a hot day, opening your window whilst the air con is running will make it operate less efficiently. This will also force it to work harder to pump out cool air using up more fuel, which could become costly in the long run. Keeping your windows closed will also allow you to feel the benefit of the cooler temperatures.

Keep your car air conditioning clean

If your car has a defrost setting, it’s useful to run this every week for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help reduce the risk of your car air con creating an odour in your vehicle by preventing mildew from building up and cleaning out any moisture. Additionally, wiping away any dust or dirt from the fan openings will prevent bacteria settling which can also cause an odour, and stop any dust from blowing into the car when the air con is switched on. Cleaning or vacuuming your car regularly will ensure your vehicle and car air conditioning is kept in the best condition.

Air con recharge

Top up your coolant levels on a regular basis to maintain the condition of your AC. Coolant levels can diminish over time, so you should keep eye on them. Check your vehicle handbook for the recommended time between charges, which is usually only once every two years. If your coolant level gets too low between your recommended air con recharge time, it may have to be refilled by a technician.

Get an AC service

If you notice any unfamiliar sounds or smells still coming from your car air conditioning system after following these steps, you may need to book a car service to investigate this matter. Leaving potential problems without maintenance can increase the chance of bacteria growing or your air con to stop working. If you notice your coolant levels are reducing particularly fast, there may be a leak in the system. Coolant can be harmful to the environment when leaking, so it’s important you get an expert opinion from a specialist if you think there is an issue.

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