How To Test Your Steering Wheel For Loose Steering

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Over time, your car is likely to encounter some sort of problems and require maintenance. There are several checks you should give your car frequently to reduce the need for car repairs or chances of any accidents occurring. Testing your steering wheel for loose steering is one of them. Its important to ensure that your steering system is reliable and safe for you to drive your vehicle. Often loose steering is down to a problem of misaligned wheels. So, how is this caused and what are the signs that a steering wheel has become loose?

How misaligned wheels affect your steering

Misaligned wheels are also one of the common factors that impact tyre wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential you get this problem checked out by a professional, to ensure you don’t cost yourself more in the long run.

Misaligned wheels will affect your steering by making it feel quite loose. Wheel alignment symptoms typically include noisy steering, uneven tyre wearing, squealing tyres and a steering wheel which is crooked and pulls to one side. Any of these symptoms are a strong indication your steering wheel could be off. If wheel alignment has not been done correctly one side of your vehicle is likely to pull more as well as faster tyre wear on the same side. If left unfixed, misaligned wheels could cause an accident or the need to purchase brand new tyres. This can easily be fixed by getting a wheel alignment service from your local automotive company.

Testing your steering wheel for loose steering

To be sure you are experiencing loose steering wheel problems before you visit the mechanic, it is always good to look at the steering box. First, check that there are no issues with the top cover gasket and that bolts are fitted tightly. It is important to make sure you don’t accidentally turn the adjusting screw whilst in this process.

To check the steering box, the front of your car will need to be raised with the weight still kept on the wheels. You will need another person to do this for assistance as one person needs to check underneath the vehicle whilst the other turns the wheel a little. The best way to do this safely is to drive the car onto a set of ramps which are resting on an even surface. Then proceed by applying the handbrake firmly. Follow by checking to see if there are any issues such as leaks with the steering box. We do advise you go to a professional mechanic for this to avoid any accidental injuries whilst underneath the car. If you suspect or notice any leaks in the steering box, you will need professional assistance to get this fixed.

Another method to test your steering wheel for loose steering is to try turning the steering wheel when the car is stationary. If you can move this more than six centimetres (measuring at the wheel rim) before the wheels begin to turn, then you have an issue of loose steering.

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