How To Prolong The Life of Your Car Battery

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We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. Being stuck with a flat car battery is more than often a nightmare. The issue is that often there are little to no signs that the problem is about to occur. Leaving you in the dark until the last minute, with no choice but to get a car battery replacement. There are ways in which you can help prolong the life of your car battery, so we’ve devised a few tips below on how to improve car battery life.

On average, a car battery will last between 2-3 years. However, this all depends on battery maintenance and battery drainage. The latter is a common situation and usually happens when lights or music systems are left on when the car is no longer running. Of course, there are several factors which can cause a car battery to drain so it’s important to be aware of these if you want to increase the life expectancy.

Avoid frequent short trips

Short driving journeys make it difficult for the battery to recharge any power that was lost starting the vehicle. Repeating this process will cause the battery voltage to reduce. If you want to know how to improve car battery life in this case, try driving it around for longer periods of time. Especially if you know there have been a few short journeys recently, driving it at higher speeds for 40 minutes to an hour will help it recharge.

Minimise how much power you use when the engine is off

Leaving headlights or sound systems running when the engine is off will cause the battery to drain. What’s more, not everyone has a vehicle that turns the lights on and off automatically. For those who have to turn these on by hand, always ensure they are turned off before exiting the vehicle.

Try not to leave your car unused for long periods of time

Another tip for how to improve car battery life is to not leave it unused for a long period of time. Known as ‘self-discharge’, all car batteries will lose charge over time. To avoid needing a car battery replacement, try to take your vehicle for a longer drive at least once within a week.

Check on your battery regularly

It’s important to do frequent checks on your battery. Now, this doesn’t need to be every day or every week but once every month or so will do. When checking the battery, ensure you look to see if the top of it is clean. Dirt and grime can create mild short circuits. If the grime and dirt is not cleaned off, a mild short circuit will flatten the battery. This will then lead to you needing a new car battery fitting.

Reduce your car’s exposure to heat

Although in colder months your car battery will have to work harder to get started, most of the damage usually occurs in summer. Extreme heat causes a faster rate of water evaporation from the cells within a battery. The cooler temperatures then expose the weakness the battery experienced in summer. The remaining voltage the battery has then reduces due to needing extra power during winter. As a result, you then find yourself needing a car battery replacement. Parking your vehicle in the shade or keeping it in the garage during extreme heat is the best solution. If these two options are not possible, you can look for methods to insulate the battery.

Knowing how to improve car battery life is essential if you want to save on the costs of car battery replacement. If you follow the guidelines above, you can be sure to prolong your car battery’s longevity. DCM Tyres have seen these issues time and time again, but often it can be down to an old battery. We can provide a range of car services including car battery fitting. To get a car battery in Dorset or if you need an MOT in Shaftesbury or car service in either Shaftesbury or Blandford, contact us today. Call, email, or pop into your nearest branch and we will be happy to assist you further.

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