How To Clean Your Car’s Exhaust

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With a car consisting of so many components, knowing how to clean your exhaust is not always straightforward to guess. However, you don’t always need to seek an exhaust specialist if you are looking to give it a clean. Exhaust systems form an important part of every vehicle. Without it, harmful exhaust gasses would remain, and noise pollution would be high. The exhaust system works by expelling fumes from your car and turning them into less dangerous gasses. This is why keeping your car’s exhaust maintained is important for longevity and optimal performance. There is also the solution of getting a custom-built exhaust, which we discuss in our blog below.

How to clean your exhaust pipes

Dirty exhaust pipes are common because black soot collects as a result of the normal combustion cycle. To learn how to clean your exhaust pipes, simply use a damp sponge with a light abrasive cleanser. If you do not have a sponge to hand, you can also use a damp towel as an alternative. The time for build-up to clear can vary but this should normally take around 10 minutes. If the soot has been building up for a few years, this can take much longer. Then, all that’s left to do is leave them to dry out. And it really is that simple!

What about investing in a custom built exhaust?

There are a number of benefits of custom-built exhausts. From increased performance to durability, getting a custom performance exhaust allows you to utilise your engine's power. Compared to a normal exhaust system, having one custom made means you can have it tailored to your exact needs. An exhaust specialist will offer custom-built exhausts and will be able to install this for you. As well as this, custom performance exhausts increase overall efficiency. This means your engine can burn less gas whilst also receiving a boost in power. Due to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions, a custom exhaust will take longer for soot to build up. So, investing in a custom-built exhaust is a worthwhile choice for the future.

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