4 Tips To Lower Your Vehicle’s Exhaust Emissions

  • Source: pixabay.com

    Source: pixabay.com

As an automotive company which services thousands of cars each month, DCM Tyres know how frequent it is for vehicle users to overlook the of their cars. Seeking help from an exhaust specialist is always recommended. We have come up with four tips to reduce vehicle emissions and lower the chances of having any issues come your MOT.

1.       Use better quality fuel

Often, people will use the fuel that seems cheapest and most cost-effective to them. This is where many actually miss out on the knowledge and understanding of fuel economy. Although better quality fuel is more expensive, it can actually contribute to cost-savings for your vehicle in future. Higher-quality fuels actually contain cleaning chemicals which help remove any dirt or build up. Premium fuel is also recommended to improve MPG and performance. As a result, this is the better solution to reduce vehicle emissions as it automatically improves the outflow.

2.       Get a car service

One tip that never fails is to get regular car servicing. This does not mean you need a full car service every time but changing the oil and oil filter is the best car service you can give your vehicle to reduce emissions. Changing the oil and oil filter will clear any contaminants in the oil and keep the engine running efficiently. As well as this, frequent car repair services will help you keep on top of the rest of your car’s maintenance and durability. This includes getting a new air filter which will produce a cleaner exhaust from keeping dirt out of the engine.

Looking for a quick car service in Dorset? DCM Tyres have branches based around the locality, so that you can get car repair services close to you. Just give us a call today to book yourself in for a car service in Dorset.

3.       Use maintenance products

There are several products which can be used for car maintenance and lowering emissions. For example, you can use fuel additives which help fuel burn more efficiently. The purpose of fuel additives is to increase fuel economy and reduce vehicle emissions. Not only does this extend the life of your engine but this can also boost the duration of your car’s oil too. However, it is best to consult your nearest automotive centre first for advice as the use can vary from car to car and may not always be suitable. Another solution we recommend trying is Cataclean. Cataclean is an engine care product which helps to lower vehicle emissions. These are available for petrol or diesel cars so ensure you are purchasing the correct one to avoid further problems. Cataclean is straightforward to use for those who aren’t specialists in the field. All you need to do is pour it into a quarter-full tank of fuel and then let the engine run for at least 15 minutes. This should have an immediate effect on the engine performance and clean all in one.

4.       Repair or change the exhaust

Another fool proof way to reduce vehicle emissions is to repair or change the exhaust. This can be done by checking to see if there are any holes or tears in the exhaust itself. It is best to leave this to a mechanic though as then you are able to get a comprehensive check of your exhaust. You can also get a new exhaust filter or custom built exhaust system to boost your engine power and reduce pollution at the same time. At DCM Tyres, we can fit a new or custom built exhaust for any vehicle. Speak to a member of our staff today or book online for a car service in Dorset to get a check on your current exhaust.

So hopefully now you have some guidelines on how to reduce vehicle emissions. DCM Tyres are happy to assist you with any enquiries regarding vehicle maintenance or repairs. As exhaust specialists, DCM Tyres can install a custom exhaust in Dorset, Wiltshire or Somerset. Simply get in touch with your nearest local branch today or visit the DCM Tyres website for more information.

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