Fleet Maintenance & Company Car Services for Businesses

At DCM Tyre and Autocentres, we pride ourselves on providing high quality fleet maintenance and company car services for all local businesses. We provide the same exceptional and professional services to the sole trader, as a fleet manager with 100+ vehicles.

With years of experience in fleet maintenance services, we understand first-hand the positive effects of effective fleet maintenance. We know the inconvenience caused when a vehicle lets you down and is unexpectedly off the road. You may feel an urgent need to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our company car service means you can stay on the road during the fleet maintenance process, so your business can carry on as normal.

Why Choose DCM Tyres for Fleet Maintenance Services?

Experienced and Efficient Fleet Management Company

As highly experienced wheel specialists, we use the newest and highest quality fleet maintenance equipment that comply with industry standards. Our professional and knowledgeable fleet maintenance services ensure that we effectively diagnose any faults, eliminating the guesswork and only replacing necessary parts. We understand that having company vehicles off the road can be a troublesome inconvenience, so fleet maintenance at DCM Tyres is efficient yet thorough. We’ll have your business vehicles back on the road in no time!

Cost-Effective Service

Whether it’s MOT’s, car servicing, tyres or repairs, fleet vehicle maintenance at DCM Tyres promises the very best quality service, at the best price. We pride our fleet maintenance services on often being considerably cheaper than the main dealer networks.

High Quality Parts

At DCM Tyres, we source vehicle parts, manufacturer grade oils and a broad range of tyres for fleet maintenance that comply with industry standards. Our fleet maintenance services mean that our team can replace any vehicle parts as and when required, ensuring your business vehicles can continue to operate perfectly.

Company Car Service

To give you full confidence that your business will resume as normal, DCM Tyres includes a company car service. Whilst we ensure your business’ vehicles can operate safely on the road with our fleet maintenance services, you can use our company cars in the meantime for ultimate convenience.

Simple Accounting

Each fleet maintenance job with us is invoiced separately, so your accounting remains simple and straightforward. With us, you can expect on average 30 days credit. Subject to credit approval.

For more information about fleet management at DCM Tyres, contact one of our friendly teams in Blandford, Shaftesbury or Sturminster Newton who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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