Custom Performance Exhausts

DCM Tyres can fit a personal custom exhaust for many vehicles including customised cars, classic cars, standard road cars, kit cars, 4x4’s, imports, motor homes, rally or race cars, specially adapted vehicles and trikes.

Your custom exhaust system (or part of the system) is built on your vehicle, potentially whilst you wait, and at an affordable price. All parts and fabricator workmanship are covered by a purchaser’s lifetime of ownership guarantee and backed by over 35 years of history in custom exhausts.

Why buy a custom exhaust system?

There are many reasons to upgrade or replace your car exhaust:

• You can’t find the exact model replacement
• You’d like higher performance, with lower emissions
• Your old exhaust is rusted, damaged or making droning noises

Purchasing a new exhaust system can feel like an indulgence. But in our experience, a good-quality performance exhaust can last years and reduce replacement costs in the future. In some cases, our stainless-steel replacement exhausts are cheaper than off-the-shelf mild steel systems!

Want to know more? Book a free performance exhaust consultation with one of our specialists.


Custom built exhausts, tailored to you

Our fabricators will work with you to design and create a bespoke exhaust that meets your personal style and sound requirements. We can recommend the best choice from a range of exhaust types, such as standard tailpipes to full race sound. DCM Tyres can construct a quietly confident exhaust with low emissions and high performance - without that ‘boy racer’ noise!


Long-lasting durability

Your custom-built exhaust is an investment. At DCM Tyres, we will build your exhaust in high-quality stainless steel. Our superior standard of workmanship, matched with high-grade materials means your exhaust will drive smoothly for years to come, even a lifetime!


Why choose DCM Tyres for your custom exhaust?

Unlike other exhaust fitters, DCM Tyres has the facilities and technical specialists to create a long-lasting, custom exhaust system, in a style that suits you. 

We hand-weld each exhaust with 304 grade stainless steel. Our skilled and qualified fabrications can construct any exhaust configuration or repair any existing system. 

We also offer 0% finance over 12 months for most projects.

If you would like to learn more about our custom exhaust systems, call our team today on 01747 851 654 or book your free exhaust consultation here. 


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