Clutch Replacement

The clutch in your vehicle is the vital component that transfers an engine's power to a vehicle's transmission through the gearbox and powers the car. During the lifespan of the vehicle, sometimes the clutch needs to be replaced. Naturally, the next question is when does the clutch need to be replaced? Unfortunately, there is no one, definitive answer. A clutch can last anywhere from 30,000 miles to 80,000 miles, depending on the type of vehicle, the climate and how the vehicle is driven.

The main symptoms of a worn out clutch are:

  • Difficulty in selecting a gear
  • Sometimes a crunching noise
  • A pronounced burning smell
  • A juddering when pulling away
  • When the throttle peddle is pressed, the engine RPM increase, but the vehicle does not increase as it would normally do


When to replace?

As replacing a clutch can be very expensive and difficult, no one wants to replace one unnecessarily, although putting off the works results in less reliable handling, potential safety issues, untimely breakdown and lower fuel efficiency.


Courtesy car

You’ll not be off the road, as you can book our courtesy car for the duration of the works.


Top Tip:

Select neutral when stationary. When at the traffic lights, take the car out of gear and your foot off the clutch. By keeping the clutch on the biting point or fully pressed, applies unnecessary pressure on the clutch.

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