New Car Wheels & Rims

Looking for some new car wheels or replacement wheels? Our team of wheel specialists can help you find the right wheels for your tyres.

What Is the Difference Between Wheels and Tyres?

The wheel is the inner part made of metal, whereas the tyre is the outer part made of rubber, fabric and wire. The wheel is what helps to support the tyre and keep it sealed. A tyre’s main characteristics is the tread, which helps control the movement when applied against a surface, and the body, which holds compressed air. Learn more about out tyre fitting services here.


What Car Wheel Services Do We Offer?

At DCM Tyres, we offer a diverse range of car wheels in various styles, including both steel and alloy wheels. With us, you can be guaranteed of the very best styles, low prices and all-round excellent service. Choose the perfect set of car rims or wheels to add personality and individual styling to your car. We have access to the latest designs in wheel technology, which we are more than happy to assist you with.

We provide 'Wheel Only', and 'Wheel and Tyre' packages, along with 'Supply Only', or 'Supply and Fitted'.  We also offer wheel fitment to make it easier for you and get you on the road in no time. 


Should I Choose Steel Or Alloy Wheels?

Both steel and alloy wheels have their advantages. If you’re unsure of which ones to go for, we can help.

Alloy wheels are made of an alloy of metals, usually aluminium, magnesium or nickel, or even a combination of these. Alloy wheels have performance advantages over steel wheels as they are much lighter in weight. This means faster acceleration, quicker stopping and less strain on suspension components.

Steel wheels are less expensive than alloy wheels but are also easier to repair. This is because steel can be hammered back into shape if it bends. Alloy wheels are considered to have a higher cosmetic value and improve a car’s overall appearance.


To find out more about our wheel services, give one of our friendly teams a call in either Blandford, Sturminster Newton or Shaftesbury. Alternatively, send us an email to

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