Car batteries supplied and fitted

It takes a lot longer to fully charge a modern car battery than many people realise – typically 240 miles of driving with no load or eight hours of continuous driving – which considering most people use their cars for work, pleasure or for the local school run its hardly surprising that occasionally the battery will lead to problems. If you only make short stop-start journeys, the battery won't have the chance to fully charge, which will considerably shorten its life.

Batteries for all makes and sizes of vehicles

We supply and fit quality batteries for all types of vehicles. Whether its performance or economy that you require, dcm will provide you with a reliable battery for your vehicle.


Stop/Start batteries

Start-stop technology can be found in an increasing number of new cars that roll off the production lines, as manufacturers seek to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions produced by vehicles to meet international and government targets.

Manufacturers including Audi, BMW and Volkswagen are strong advocates of start-stop technology where at standstill the engine switches off to conserve fuel, upon driving away the engine automatically starts. Cars with start-stop capabilities put a greater demand on the vehicles battery. That’s why at dcm we stock a range of car batteries specifically designed for start-stop vehicles.


Top Tip:

Avoid leaving your lights on unnecessarily when not in the car to maintain the charge of your battery. 


We recommend Tungstone

Tungstone batteries are our top choice for powering stop-start vehicles. We hold a broad range of stock batteries for most vehicles so visit one of our depots or give us a call for more information and we will have you back on your way in no time.


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